The euroShell Fuel Card provides your  business  with a secure and efficient way to buy fuels and access a range of other great services. With over 50 years of fuel card expertise and one of the largest networks of stations in the world, a euroShell Fuel Card can give you greater control, convenience and security. At the same time, Shell offers you a customisable and secure payment method and individual customer service.

Key benefits from using euroShell cards:

  • Cashless payment
  • Secure transactions
  • Cost control and reduced administration – help to create a more efficient, profitable business.
  • Collective invoices for your whole fleet – services and fuels
  • Trade credit and post – payment for transactions
  • Access to one of the largest networks across Europe
  • 24/7 online account management service – Shell Card Online
  • Simple payment  for road tolls, ferries, tunnels and other services
  • High quality Shell fuels with additive formulas

Shell  spent years of research and development to formulate the high-quality fuels that help keep you on the road. In fact, invest over $1 billion each year — more than any other global oil company